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Providing Delicious Food to Awesome People

Please come visit us: 615 East Bridge St, Plainwell, MI
Call us: 269-204-6449

Market & Deli Hours:​ (personalized togo sandwiches, togo dinners, rice bowls, baked goods, all of our market items)

Tuesday - Thursday 11AM-6PM

Friday 9AM-6PM

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River Road Foods is a SW Michigan catering company.

We provide lunches and dinners to go as well as deserts baked daily.  

Our Story

Dyer grew up in Virginia where her main focus, when it came to food, was eating snickers bars and drinking Coca Cola.  She then went to college where her love of food grew and she added dry cereal and late night pizza to her personal menu.  Finally Dyer moved to Oregon where she actually learned about food.  

In Oregon, Dyer worked for years at McMenamins where she waitressed.  She thought this job would help her with her dream to do stand up comedy. She would practice her routine on patrons who would be in the middle of their meals and unable to avoid her.  It really was quite brilliant.  But, that dream dissipated when her good friend found a deli to run in a small neighborhood in NE Portland. 

For a short time, Dyer and her friend ran this deli, but within a couple of years, Dyer knew she wanted her own business.  She found an old Victorian house that had been converted into a vegan restaurant.  Dyer bought the building and converted the vegan restaurant into a breakfast and lunch cafe.  This is where Dyer really learned how to cook. 

It took a little while, but with a lot of help from friends and the neighborhood, her restaurant, Muddy’s, named after her precious dog, was hopping.  Portland took Muddy’s under it’s wing and made it what it was, and Dyer will always be grateful and thankful to Portland for helping her achieve her dream to have a successful cafe. (And she’d also like to give a shout out and thank you to Laura Parisi who put Muddy’s on the map with her Willamette Week article. Rockstar.  And of course, John Q. Porter, who’s amazing graphic designs and hilarious wit made Muddy’s website and menu, kick ass)!

After 10 years, and a baby, and a marriage, Dyer decided it was time to close shop and move to Michigan (cause isn’t that what everyone does in their 40’s?). She moved to a farm, had another baby, bought some chickens and then decided to revisit the restaurant idea, but this time, she’d do it a little differently.  

River Road Foods was started with the idea that dinners would be delivered to YOU.  Because, after working all day, whether it’s in a factory, or at a school, or in a shop, or an office, or stay at home parenting (in my opinion, the hardest job) wouldn’t it be so nice to pop something healthy and already made, right into the oven?  And wouldn’t it be even COOLER if it was DELIVERED to your front door?  Yeah, we thought so.  So that’s what we do. 

That and catering. Weddings, big parties, office lunch meetings?  We got ya.


Email us a note and include your party size, date and budget (along with your favorite foods) and we’ll make it happen!

River Road Foods Calendar


615 East Bridge St. Plainwell, MI

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